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Dahua Tools for Dahua DVR Systems

SmartPSS_Version 2.0

Smart PSS Version 2 is an updated and digitally signed version of Version 1.  It includes an improved GUI and additional tools.  This software is for computers running Windows only. Download the file and unzip to install.

Geovision tools for Geovision and Windows

 DDNS (ddns)

DDNS is a free DNS client from Geovision for Geovision DVR Systems. Download the DDNS zip file and extract. Run setup and follow the instructions. Registration is required for the software to work correctly.  Also make sure you check the "run at startup option". This program is for technical use and should be run by an administrator. 


Remote View Log Version 8.5   For Windows 32 & 64 Bit Versions

Must be installed by an administrator. This program will install all Geovision Codecs and allow playback of Geovision files in Windows Media Player. In most cases this is all that is required to be able to play the Geovision files.  For Windows 7 users, please install this program in the root drive of the computer.  No not allow installation in program files.  Running the program after it is installed is not required to make the codecs work since they are installed by the executable. This is also the executable for connecting to the remote view log services on Geovision systems that have the CCS service enabled.  Port 5552 must be open to the DVR system.  After installation; (1) run the viewlog program from the desktop shortcut you created. (2) enter the IP address of the DVR you want to connect to. (3) enter your username and password. (4) select viewlog service from the two options.  The port number should always default to 5552 *note: users must have permission to use the viewlog service.

Note:  If your videos will not play after installing this software, please see your administrator.  In most cases elevation is required to install this program. 


Remote Playback Client V8.12: (discontinued and no longer used after version 8.12)

This is the OLD 16 and 32 bit software for Windows XP and 32bit Windows 7. This version does not work in Windows 7 64 bit without the use of a Virtual Machine.  The remote playback client is required when a computer system will not render video recorded on a Geovision DVR System.  Download the Rpb.zip file and burn it to a CD or copy to a flash drive.  Open the Rpb.zip file and run setup.exe on the computer that will not play the Geovision videos.  This should load the codecs required to play the video.  A player is also included in the Rpb.zip package if the Windows media player will not work.


Daylight Savings Time Patch for Windows XP - non sp3 - KB931836

This patch will correct Daylight Savings Time failure to update on Windows XP machines.  This patch will not work on Service Pack 3 installations.  The service pack 3 patch is available below.  Download the .exe file and run. 


Daylight Savings Time Patch for Windows XP Service Pack 3 - KB951072

This patch will correct Daylight Savings Time failure to update on Windows XP SP3 machines. This file sometimes requires validation.  If so, just follow the instructions.  Use this file for service pack 3 only.  Download and run .exe file. 


For Tech Support on surveillance systems sold by Stocker Service Company, please use the contact link below and provide us with as much information as possible.  We will promptly respond to your request.  


*Note: For models not listed, please use the contact link and provide us with model and serial numbers. We may be able to provide support material for older units. We also offer service, support, and repair services for all makes and models of DVR, surveillance, or computer equipment.


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